Matec specializes in the design and development of waste water purification and filtration plants. We work for many different industries, the most important are: aggregates, gravel, sand, coal, stone, iron-ore, ceramics and glass.

Matec’s mission is our customers’ satisfaction. That is why we offer timely after-sale service, as well as before-sale advice to understand the real requirements of our potential customers.

Matec has installed over 250 purification plants all across the world in the last two years: this is the real guarantee of our production and service quality.

The two partners have decades-old experience in the purification industry and they are a continued presence in the company. That guarantees the best technical and commercial advice ever.

Matec new plants are based in Massa, in the very heart of a wide industrial zone, also known as Apuana. A well-equipped reality that can cope with all the needs of the worldwide purification market, thanks to a simple but effective organization.

All the machines are built in our plants. Thus we can offer top-quality products ‘Made in Italy’, which will fulfill the most demanding applications and markets.





CWR - Mixer Washing Plant

Matec is a leader and the leading producer of hi-tech machinery for filtration of water derived from trucks, mixers, pumps and concrete, and generally all water derived from the process.

Waste water and sludge treatment arising from washing processes in concrete production sites.

Matec designs and manufactures complete CWR (Concrete Water Recycling) filtration plants. By using the filter press, our plants treat waste water and sludge arising from various washing processes.

Matec CWR plants are designed to maximize the returns of concrete production sites and to recover and re-use washing water, which has been clarified automatically and without using chemical additives. Thus we can guarantee cutting down disposal costs, also thanks to the production of dry cakes easy to shovel and move.




Concrete and water recovey process



The mixers/trucks are washed and the residue is discharged into the screw separator or the dewatering screen.



The screw separator (A), or the dewatering screen, recovers washed material.



The recovered material is ready to be reused.



The dirty water is stored in an external tank (B) ready to be filtered.



The dirty water is agitated in the tank (B).



The dirty water is pumped directly into the filter press (D) by an HPT pump (C), without adding flocculant and without being clarified.



The filter press (D) filters the water by retaining all solids, returning completely clean water ready to be reused in the production cycle (E).



The filter press produces dry mud cakes (max 20% of residual moisture) completing more than 5 cycles per hour and reducing sludge volume by 80%.

Concrete Recovery Unit

MATEC, through its CWR plants, can recover concrete at the end of its working cycle.
MATEC offers two options for the water treatment before that the filtration and purification process is carried out by the filter press:


screw-separatorSCREW SEPARATOR
The screw separator is used to separate aggregates, which will be washed during this process, from water, which still contains the finer particles and is ready to be purified by the filter press. Recovered aggregates are piled up at one end of the screw separator, ready to be reused in the concrete production cycle.



dewatering-screenDEWATERING SCREEN
As well as separating water from washed aggregates, the dewatering screen selects the washed materials, depending on the installed number of meshes and its holes’ size and allowing concrete producers to use precise mixtures. The dewatering screen is placed over a tank, where the water falls, ready to be treated by the filter press.

• Submersible pump for washing water feeding;
• Submersible pump for hopper feeding;
• Electroagitators;
• Dosing system;
• Conveyor belt.


Cloth and Plate Washing
Cloth and plate high pressure washing system. The washing sequence is the same as the filtering one with clean water replacing mud. The result is cleaned cloths, plates, plate conduit, piping, mud pump. Besides, the system washes 10 plates at a time to guarantee a high quality result in a very short time.

Core Blow
Plate conduit and pipe cleaning system through a compressed air flow. A valve system excludes the mud pump during the air blowing sequence, avoiding damage to the pump itself.

Drip Tray
Water drip collecting system. During the filtration process, a small quantity of water might drip off the plates on mud cakes. To avoid that a tray system covers the discharge hole below the filter press during the process, it will reopen in the cake discharge phase. The system can be pneumatic or mechanic.

Membrane Plates
An additional squeezing system to further lower the residual humidity in the cakes. The membrane plates can reduce the chamber volume by pumping water in their special dead-air-space. This variation, together with the HPT MATEC High Pressure Pump, grants a lower residual humidity than standard plates.

Mud Cake Washing
Close circuit system for special mud with chemicals. It usually works together with the membrane plate system, allowing a clean water flow inside the plate chambers before cakes are discharged. This process rinses the cakes, to lower chemicals’ level under the “special mud” threshold.